The ZiggyCam will be live for the month long trip. With the exception of when anchored after dark (i.e. saving battery usage rather than broadcast a cam feed of the dark) or during a rare lack of cellphone signal the cam will be live 24/7 along with the chat room even miles offshore. The soft goal this year is to hit Mackinac Island and round Drummand Island at the top of Lake Huron before heading back home to Detroit.

Day One: Detroit to Port Huron

This is about a 55 mile run upstream on the Sinclair River to the bottom of Lake Huron. I got outta the marina at about 3pm and motored north. The wind was light and right off the bow even though the forecast predicted the opposite...

I tooled along trying to work the wind for a while before giving up and letting the motor do all the work.

It was a hot and sunny day until the sun set when it cooled off under the clear skies.

I pulled into Port Huron at 1:30am and bootlegged a spot on the seawall in front of the Zebra Lounge. The city is still holding a humid 74 dgrs with no breeze to help me sleep.

The drawbridge operator was very nice tonite, even hanging out of the window to say hello! Pt. Huron is famous for having grumpy bridge operators. I hope this is a sign of a new attitude here. One of the reasons I stopped making this my home dock was always having to fight with the bridge dudes.

In the morning I will hit the Zebra for breakfast and free wifi to post this before heading out onto the big water of Lake Huron and sail north.

  1. Detroit to Pt Huron
  2. Pt Huron to Pt Sanilac
  3. Pt. Sanilac to E. Tawas
  4. Lounging in East Tawas
  5. Lounging in East Tawas
  6. E. Tawas to Harrisville
  7. Harrisville to Presque Isle
  8. Lounging in Presque Isle
  9. Lounging in Presque Isle
  10. Saturday and Sunday-
  11. -partying in Presque Isle
  12. Presque Isle to Hammond Bay
  13. Hammond Bay to DeTour
  14. De Tour to Harbor Island
  15. Harbor island to Presque Isle
  16. Presque Isle to Alpena
  17. Rain day in Alpena
  18. Alpena to East Tawas
  19. Two days lounging
  20. in East Tawas
  21. East Tawas to Harbor Beach
  22. Anchored in Harbor Beach
  23. Harbor Beach to Pt. Sanilac
  24. Pt. Sanilac to Pt. Huron
  25. Pt. Huron to Lake St. Clair and Home



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