Fuckin-up Florida Tour 2012

The 1st weekend of March will kick off the first of a long list of Ziggyland Adventures for 2012. CK, Jim and I are resurrecting our Road trip of old with the rebirth of the infamous "Fuckin-up Florida" run. Our last run as a team was in 1989. We tore up Key West and then hit Daytona Bike Week with a vengeance. CK and I hit this circuit annually until the birth of his son. Well now the kid is safely off to college and the gang is back together to do it again.

The plan loosely is to take the Pine Island area by surprise and party hard. The Pine Island sound is a world famous kayak destination and we will be packin three of them along with a small fishing boat to keep us busy and provide transportation home from the notorious bars at nite.

Friday will be spent knocking down Bike Week and jammin at Daytona. We will slide into Daytona for a few T-shirts and hit the Whiskey River Saloon to give my old friend Detroit Debbie a slap on the ass. It's just far enough south of the Boot Hill Saloon commercialism to still be hard core and gritty. It not easy to find a bar at bike fests these days where the leathers aren't shiny and the bandanas don't still have the price tags hanging off them.

The ZiggyCam will be live all week, we will also be shooting vids of the action and I will be posting them here daily.