Tales from the Dockside

Fear and Loathing East of 8 Mile

Cap't Ziggy's article Published in "Living Aboard Magazine"

Learning to sail as a teen out of the Port of Haifa, Israel

The days that started my life as Cap't Ziggy

Lake Superior/Isle Royale

Sailing across Lake Superior filming the Lats & Atts TV show

My First Overnight Sailing Adventure

Yes, I flew a Pirate Flag before it was cool!

Mackinac Island to Port Huron

3 weeks alone in a boat that was too small and big waves

Week 1 Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, Hessel, Hamond Bay, Rogers City

Week 2 Presque Isle, Alpena, Harrisville, East Tawas

Week 3 Port Austin, Harbor Beach, Port Sanilac, Port Huron

Storm Tales from the Great Lakes

A few wild ass storm tales from Lake Huron

Daily Ship's Log of the Annual HellnBack Sail of 2009

Four weeks sailing the lengh of Lake Huron's Michigan coastline from Port Huron to Drummand Island.

Cap't Ziggy and crew's archive of crazy shit and wild sails over the years