Riding the Huron National Forest

Jane and I observed the 9-11 weekend by getting out and appreciating this great country and all it's beauty. Saturday on the bike and Sunday in the kayaks.

Our home base at Ziggyland North in East Tawas served perfect for both. Just north of us is the Au Sable River system and a series of 5 hydroelectric dams built around the 1st world war creating miles of pristine reservoirs to explore.

the roads around this area are twisty and remote starting from Oscoda on the shores of Lake Huron stretching half way across the state west to the Grayling area.

The pictures don't convey how curvy the roads are as Jane is to busy hanging on giggling in the curves to think of taking pictures.

The Huron National Forest encompass the area providing scenic lookouts and recreational areas.

We slept in and finally rallied together and hit the road in the early afternoon. I wanted to make it a lazy day with lots of stops to check out the local stuff and be headed home by sunset before the deer traffic gets heavy. We tallied up a mere 130 miles before it was done but had a blast.

We had high hopes of hitting all 5 dams but we had so much fun roaming around the back roads that we only touched base with 3 of them.

We took a break at the Hillcrest Lounge on M-33 along with a handful of other bikers. I hadn't been in that bar since I was in my 20s and it didn't seem much different. The old up north road side bar feel I love so much was still intact.

Later we stopped into the Scenic bar in McKinley for an Amber Bock and one of the best burgers and fries I have ever had.

We watched a couple and their dog rafting the river in an awesome white water rapids rated raft loaded with camping gear that looked real cool.

I love this area for bike riding. It's one of Michigan's best kept secrets. You feel like your winding through Virginia more than the normal flat and straight roads Michigan is known for.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to escape the status quo to wander around the Huron National Forest for a day or more and soak up the small town charm and great riding.

You can easily spend a weekend winding around the back roads and still not see it all.

Out tearing up the roads of this great nation