This years road trip to my cabin on the Gulf was as full of craziness as always. Days of tranquility punctuated with some wild weather as the summer season rolled in.

I stopped at my brothers compound in Illinois on the way in and out having a great time there.

I got most of my wish list of maintenance done along with the unexpected projects too.

We replaced the well weathered deck railings. Put a new utility washtub in the bathroom. added fresh staircase supports. put in all new blinds and did some window repair.

I added a new chest freezer making food storage easier as the nearest grocery store is better than an hour round trip away. Next year she gets a new refrigerator with an ice dispenser.

I spent a long hard day sorting and reorganizing all the "stuff" and compacted the clutter into the utility room opening up more living area.

The local wildlife was loving the spring weather. a few bird nests in my eves were full of baby chicks squawking for food all day. I even had a Gator sunning himself at my dock one afternoon.

I had a sever weather day before I left with twisters touching down just south of me and lots of rain flooding the yard.

Pam flew in from Michigan and spent a few days seeing the place for the first time. She cried when it was time to leave.

I spent a long weekend with my friends Bob and Jody Bitchin, owners of Cruising Outpost Magazine and we worked their booth at the boat show in Houston.

That is always a blast. We threw a party while there with free pizza and beer. We went through 125 large Dominoes pizzas and a truck load of beer literally.

Bloody Mary morning in the Gulf breeze.

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Fear an loathing in Ziggyland South

pam settling in to Ziggyland South

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chowing on the chicken on the dock

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Electric Yakkin

2 kayaks, cooler of beer, handfull of rope and a big ass trolling motor. Unregistered and out for trouble. Cruising Caney Creek at Ziggyland South.

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The big ass red umbrella behind me broke into pieces right after this clip from the wind coming off the Gulf. 2 days old and cost $40 damn it. $20 a day for shade....

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Grilling out in Illinois at my brothers

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We are throwing a party

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