Texas Thunderstorms

This morning a cold front rolled across the Texas Coast. This made for a great thunder storm as lay in bed enjoying a lazy morning with my soulmate Pam.

There is a big difference between thunderstorms coming off the inland seas of the Great Lakes and storms coming off the Gulf of Mexico. Both are equally magical but in remarkably different ways.

The obvious difference is in the north the storms are born from warm air running into the cooler lake air where as it's the opposite effect in the south with the cooler air slamming into the warmer air of the Gulf.

But as I lay here in bed, lost in a state of absolute tranquility I realize it's deeper than that.

Storms in the north have a sharper edge and a more demanding personality. There is a subtle anger in the northern afternoon storms that the southern storms lack. Northern storm lull you in with the deep sharp rolling thunder but will usually out of nowhere slap you in the face with a blast of “holy shit all hands on deck close the windows cause hell just broke loose” winds and rain from all directs chaos.

Or to better frame it, Michigan storms are like a cute 18 year old red head with a daddy complex and a fresh tattoo. It all starts off like a fantasy but you know before it's all over the wheels will come off the cart, her hair will burst into flames and she will tear your world apart with no rhyme or reason. Leaving you wondering what the hell were you thinking.

In contrast a Gulf storm rolls in with a gentle dignified grace of a middle aged Southern Belle. Comfortable in her skin with nothing to prove. She has shown her ability to wreak havoc and destroy anything in her path at will over the years and has earned the respect she deserves.

But today she is soft and sensual. Her thunder rolls gently across the land caressing my soul. She woke me up with a long soft rubble in the distance and slowly engulfs my world caressing the land as she passes.

Her rain is steady and strong yet gently falling straight down from the skies. She is respecting my tranquility and space by not blowing water in the windows allowing me relax and appreciate her playful swirls of wind, soft scents and exotic aromas.

Even after she has left me, I just want to lay here in bed forever, listening to the rain dripping off the palm leaves and feeling the cool breeze dance across my blanket. I don't want this moment to end.

I love a good morning thunderstorm.