Muskegon's Bike Time Festival

This years Bike Time was great. 40,000 bikes and buttloads of people made it an adventurous weekend. The custom home builds and lots of people watching always make this a "must go" event. I blew off this years "Boat Night" in Port Huron for this!

I rolled out from Detroit Friday afternoon and rode across the state to my buddy's place in Muskegon and pitched camp. Jane came over from East Tawas after work to join the fun.

The three of us went down to the festival Friday night after settling in to check out the fun. It was hopping! We checked out the seemingly endless line of bikes parked on the main drag and hung out at Mike's Saloon before raiding Burger King on the way home.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny! We lounged around for a bit before jumping on the bike and rolling downtown.

Jane and I found a spot to park the bike and started the afternoon off with a couple of big ass Steak and Pepper pita sandwiches right off the grill and a cold beer. The street is lined with vendors and beer tents and bars.

Jeff and Sara rode in from Grand Rapids and found us in time for the free concert from Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The music rocked with people as far as the eye could see dancing to the tunes.

After the concert the beer tents packed up until they shut down at 11PM and the crowd packed up the bars for the night.

It was a fun night of bar hopping and partying before riding through the trusty Burger King on the way back to Dave's Compound.

Sunday we woke to the smell of a venison leg cooking in the smoker since early morning. Dave smoked a big o'leg and a large Lake Trout and grilled a second trout fresh from Lake Michigan.

I don't eat fish unless it's wearing high heels but I'm told they were perfect. I filled up on the chunk o'deer and the stuffed peppers from the smoker.

After the feast Jane rolled off on her 4 hour drive home while I hung with the guys for a while longer before packing up the bike and following Jane back to East Tawas for the night and heading back to Detroit the next day.